Agreements / Especialidades Diversas

Lisbon City Council Social Services

The GDA Foundation and the Lisbon City Council Social Services agreement offer GDA cooperator artists access to this organisation's clinical services.

Avenida Afonso Costa 41
1900-032 Lisboa


The protocol serves two primary purposes:

  1. Access to high-quality healthcare services offered by the Social Services of Lisbon City Council at reduced prices, including medical consultations, complementary diagnostic tests, surgeries, nursing procedures, and other specialised medical services. (It’s important to note that on the date of your first medical procedure, you must present a credential issued in advance by the GDA Foundation).
  2. Access to voice consultations with Dr. Clara Capucho at reduced prices, with a co-payment supported by the GDA Foundation. For each voice consultation, GDA cooperators should request a credential that verifies the amount of the GDA Foundation’s co-payment. 

    GDA cooperator artists should contact the Lisbon City Council Social Services to access the medical services and inquire about the specific protocol values. It’s essential to remember that for the first medical appointment, you must present a credential issued in advance by the GDA Foundation for this purpose.

National and International Touring

Support program for the public presentation of music, theatre and dance projects in Portugal and abroad to promote the circulation of shows and artists and to foster the dissemination and development of their professional careers.