Mission and Statutes

The GDA Foundation’s mission is to enhance and dignify the work and careers of artists – actors, dancers and musicians – while fostering their human, cultural and social development.

Our mission encompasses cultural, social, institutional, and training programs and initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, cultural engagement, professional growth, and the establishment of a support network for social welfare. We also strive to raise awareness about artists’ rights, thereby contributing to developing Portugal’s cultural economy and creative sector.

The GDA Foundation is a private legal entity headquartered in Lisbon. Its founding body is GDA – Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas, a non-profit cooperative formed by and for performers, encompassing actors, dancers, and musicians. In addition to managing artists’ rights, GDA dedicates its mission to advancing the visibility and recognition of intellectual property rights among artists and the public.

The GDA Foundation was set up by the GDA with the main purpose of pursuing activities that promote the arts and culture, namely acting, dance and music and related activities.


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Other activities

Disclose other initiatives, namely partnerships with key organisations in dance, music and acting, that may contribute to internationalising the careers of Portuguese artists.