Agreements / Fisioterapia


Fisiocorporation has a multidisciplinary team with exceptional technical expertise and a commitment to ongoing training. They have a well-established track record in delivering healthcare services across various domains, including physiotherapy, sports injuries, skeletal-orthopedic conditions, muscular-tendon system injuries, neurological issues, respiratory physiotherapy for children and adults, geriatric dysfunctions, and more.

Rua Prista Monteiro, Lj 14B
1600-253 Lisboa

917 117 404


Benefits for GDA cooperators:

  • GDA cooperators will pay €20 for the initial assessment session.
  • For each subsequent physiotherapy session, GDA cooperators will pay €21.
  • The GDA Foundation will cover the respective costs up to a limit of €10 per session, with a maximum of 10 sessions per cooperator.


Cooperating artists wishing to use this protocol should contact the clinic directly.

Support to International Training

This program supports performing artists’ participation in international training and capacity-building activities. Its purpose is to enable the acquisition and refinement of knowledge and the advancement of technical and artistic skills within their specific professional domains