By consistently promoting the publication of valuable works of public interest for the Portuguese artists’ community, the Foundation’s editorial activities play a pivotal role in enhancing the public perception of GDA’s and the Foundation’s contributions to Portuguese society.

Cross-referencing data and organizing information gathered or generated through our actions create a distinct repository. This repository preserves the memory of our accomplishments, shapes the history and identity of our mission, and provides guidance on future transformative directions.

However, this task does not exhaust the possibilities of this sector of activity since, in addition to dealing exclusively with the editing of the most relevant content that provides public access to the actions developed, the editorial dimension can also serve as a trigger for reflection on contemporary issues, be a stimulus for the development of new ideas and tools for action, and a factor of credibility and intellectual prestige in support of artists.

It is fitting to explore editions of various kinds, some stemming from ongoing initiatives and others arising from the core interests and strategic directions crucial to GDA and its Foundation’s missions. For instance, this could involve publications addressing the legal aspects that underpin their public activities.

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Other activities

Disclose other initiatives, namely partnerships with key organisations in dance, music and acting, that may contribute to internationalising the careers of Portuguese artists.