Agreements / Saúde

Dr. Yola Figueiredo

This protocol targets GDA cooperating artists and their direct family members (children and partners). The table prices differ between these groups.
See the protocol prices for family members of GDA Cooperators.

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2810-184 Almada

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For GDA cooperating artists, the cost for each medical treatment in a primary consultation is €15.


For the initial consultation, GDA cooperators must have their GDA cooperator card, national identity card and insurance card (if applicable).

Consultations will have a maximum tolerance of 10 minutes. The doctor will cancel it after this period, and you must pay the total amount even if you don’t attend it.

If you wish to cancel an appointment, you must do so 24 working hours in advance or by 5 p.m. on the working day before. You will be charged for the next time otherwise.

Support for Short Films

Support for producing national short fiction films, promote and professionalise the work of performers in these works, and encourage the dissemination and development of their professional careers.