AdvanceCare Health Insurance +55 – Valor Mais

The GDA Foundation, in partnership with Tranquilidade, has subscribed to an AdvanceCare Health Plan for GDA cooperating artists over 65.

Membership rules

To take advantage of the benefits associated with the +55 – Valor Mais Plan, artists aged 65 and over must fill in the form below, authorising the transmission of their data to AdvanceCare / Tranquilidade for issuing the personal card after processing.

Once the membership form is completed, cooperating artists will receive the Plan +55 – Valor Mais card at the address indicated in the first three to four weeks of the month following submission of the membership application.


Free access.

There is a grace period (60 days).

Cooperating artists aged 65 and over.

No age limit.

International Showcases

Program to support the presentation of musical projects at international showcase festivals to promote Portuguese musicians’ professional and artistic careers.