AdvanceCare Health Insurance

The GDA Foundation’s AdvanceCare Health Plan, in partnership with Tranquilidade, is awarded free of charge to GDA’s cooperating artists up to age 65. (artists over 65 can join the AdvanceCare Saúde Plano +55 – Valor Mais).

Membership rules

 GDA cooperators can join this health plan during January each year when renewing their policy, which will come into force on 1 March. The exact date on which enrolment will open depends on confirmation of the annual premium from the Tranquilidade insurance company.

New registrations will be accepted only on the announced dates.

Admissions will be accepted only from artists who have been GDA cooperators for at least one year or over six months until the registration period.

Members interested in enrolling their family members in this health plan must do so within the enrollment period, from the opening date until January 31 each year. Please refer to the access conditions for family members.

Cooperators with health insurance through the GDA Foundation should update their addresses and contact information with the Social Action Department whenever these details change.

International Showcases

Program to support the presentation of musical projects at international showcase festivals to promote Portuguese musicians’ professional and artistic careers.