Copyright and Related Rights

Consistent with their mission to enhance and dignify dance, music and performance artists’ work and careers and fostering their human, cultural and social development, the GDA Foundation promotes free awareness-raising and publicity actions on Copyright and Related Rights.

Through this undertaking, GDA and the GDA Foundation aim to address the growing demands of cultural and legal professionals seeking guidance in these areas. They also aim to meet the increased interest from cultural and artistic institutions, art schools, and diverse professional organizations. In this context, the creation of this initiative offers an opportunity to understand the legislation governing artistic rights, exploring and discussing fundamental aspects of this legal realm in a straightforward and accessible manner to demystify the inherent complexities.

To accomplish this, the GDA Foundation has forged partnerships with several entities to conduct such sessions, including a notable agreement with the Portuguese Bar Association established in 2018 and collaborations with the Regional Directorates of Culture throughout the country.

Legal experts lead each session in Copyright and Related Rights.

Target audience

These actions are limited to collective organisations, primarily targeting the following categories:

  • Higher schools of artistic education.
  • Conservatoires and vocational schools for theatre, dance and music.
  • Professional performers production organisations, public or private (theatre companies, dance companies and orchestras).
  • Professional organisations involved in this area: magistrates, trade unions, among others.
  • Local authorities and public administration bodies.
  • Requests from other organisations that do not meet these criteria will be analysed case-by-case.

Content adapts accordingly to each session’s target audience.


I. Background

  • Intellectual Property Law:
    a) Industrial Law vs. Copyright;
    b) Copyright vs. Neighbouring Rights.
  • Copyright and Related Rights: what is protected in;
  • Who owns these rights: Copyright and Neighbouring Rights

II. Application

  • What are the exclusive powers of those who hold Copyright and Related Rights;
  • Authorisations and contracts
    a) Practical examples;
  • Protection periods;
  • Infringement of Copyright and Related Rights.
  • Individual Management and Collective Management


Pedro Oliveira
Musician and composer, with a degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, he is currently the General Director of GDA, as well as a Director of the GDA Foundation.

Eduardo Simões
Graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, he is currently GDA’s Legal Director and is an Intellectual Property consultant.

Lucas Serra
Lucas Serra has a law degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. He was Director of the Legal Department of SPA – Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (Portuguese Society of Authors) and is a lecturer and trainer in Copyright Law. Author of publications on the same subject, he is currently a consultant.

Support to International Training

This program supports performing artists’ participation in international training and capacity-building activities. Its purpose is to enable the acquisition and refinement of knowledge and the advancement of technical and artistic skills within their specific professional domains