Young Portuguese Orchestra

The Young Portuguese Orchestra (Jovem Orquestra Portuguesa) is a national youth project established in 2010. It is an educational and social initiative to create and maintain an orchestra of young music students across Portugal. These students are selected through auditions based on their excellence, talent, and potential. The project aims to showcase Portuguese expertise in music on both European and global stages and foster international exchange.

The cooperation protocol with the Young Portuguese Orchestra (JOP) involves granting scholarships to young performers. These scholarships support them in continuing their studies and participating in the primary national activities of the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra (OCP). The awarding of scholarships is determined through a competition organised by the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra, emphasising candidates’ merit and financial needs.


GDA Foundation
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Maria Amaro
Training and Development
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Porto office
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Support to International Training

This program supports performing artists’ participation in international training and capacity-building activities. Its purpose is to enable the acquisition and refinement of knowledge and the advancement of technical and artistic skills within their specific professional domains