Hiring support program for cinema and television actors and actresses (up to the age of 30 and from the age of 60 onwards)


The GDA Foundation and GEDIPE – Association for the Collective Management of Copyrights and Cinematographic and Audiovisual Producers – jointly promote  this new program created to respond to a shared concern by both entities which emerges from the precariousness of the labour market for actors in the arts sector, namely for actors and actresses up to the age of 30 and from the age of 60 onwards.

In so being, the Program Contratação+ aims to create more opportunities in the professional practice for actors up to the age of 30 and from the age of 60 onwards, less favoured by the existent conditions in the areas of cinema and television, by promoting an easier hiring by audiovisual producers.

The program Contratação+ is intended for Portuguese professional actors and actresses, or for people with residence in national territory, up to the age of 30 and from the age of 60 onwards. Only professionals whose declared income from the audiovisual sector, in the last 12 months, is below €5,000, are eligible for this program, and whose annual gross income in the last fiscal year is below €20,000. The program does not apply to actors/actresses who get the leading role in the performances applying for grants.

Young actors/actresses (up to the age of 30)

The program Contratação+ seeks to encourage the hiring of young graduated actors/actresses in the field of interpretation, or with professional training and experience duly substantiated in that area, in order to promote and facilitate their integration into the labour market in the audiovisual sector.

Senior actors/actresses (from the age of 60 onwards)

The program Contratação+ aims to promote and facilitate the access of artists with longer careers, less favoured by working conditions, to the exercise of their professional activity through active ageing processes and the extension of the useful life of the longest career artists.

The program consists on the creation of an online database to facilitate the actors/actresses selection processes by producers and artistic people of the cinema and television sector through granting of financial supports designed as payments for hired artists.