The Foundation’s work in training through the allocation of scholarships represents an investment that provides a decisive contribution towards the future of the performing arts in Portugal, especially in terms of their affirmation, exposure, social recognition and sustainability.

part of the investment of the Training and Development department is comprised of the allocation of scholarships through partner entities with specifically drafted protocols.

Music School of the National Conservatory

The protocol established with the National Conservatory’s Music School contemplates the allocation of scholarships to graduating senior students allowing them to attend advanced courses abroad. The scholarships are awarded after a call for applications conducted by the School, where merit and financial needs are used as parameters of analysis for the selection of the students.

This protocol also contemplates support to diverse types of training activities, such as master-classes and workshops led by renowned figures, as well as other high-quality initiatives in the area of education and the professional orientation of students.


Junior Symphonic Orchestra

The GDA Foundation is one of the main scholarship patrons for young performers who are part of this fundamental and historical educational musical project. These scholarships involve the allocation of a study subsidy for 10 months and are given to members with an elevated artistic potential, through a call and application process in which the Junior Symphonic Orchestra is responsible for the final selection.


Support for Artistic Qualification and Specialization Scholarships

Due to the budget constraints caused by the current pandemic situation, the programme to support for Artistic Qualification and Specialization Scholarships is suspended during the year 2021.

Information about 2020 edition

Application dates: April 6 to May 1, 2020
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Information about 2019 edition

Application dates: April 8 to May 3, 2019
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Information about 2018 edition

Application dates: April 9 to May 4, 2018
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Information about 2017 edition

Application dates: April 10 to May 5, 2017
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Information about 2016 edition

Application dates: May 2 to June 2, 2016
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