Support to International Training

This programme aims to support the participation of professional artists in the areas of Dance, Music and Theatre in training and capacity-building actions of international nature, which may contribute to the acquisition and consolidation of knowledge and the progression of technical and artistic skills in the corresponding professional areas, with a view to projecting careers and multiplying work opportunities at national and international level.

Participation in the following training events is considered eligible:

  • Workshops, masterclasses, free courses and training actions of the same nature;
  • Conferences, seminars and congresses;
  • Meetings of international networks;
  • Artistic Residencies.

This programme is open all year round and will cease as soon as the respective budget is fully spent.

Important note: This programme does not support the attendance of any type of academic training, such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, as well as post-graduate and doctoral degrees or post-doctorates.