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Beyond the Obvious
The art of thinking and managing European cultural projects

Presentation by Niels Righolt
General Director of CKI – Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture
3rd session of  #makethemost


Creative Europe 2014 – 2020
CULTURE Subprogramme, MEDIA Subprograma

Presentation by Susana Costa Pereira
Responsible for the Culture Subprogramme – Creative Europe Portugal Desk
3rd session of  #makethemost
Note: The information that this presentation contains date from 2018 open call. As such, changes to the requirements may have occurred on future editions.  


Fund-finder IETM

Our Fund-Finder provides a detailed and easy-to-read overview of public and private funding opportunities for the arts and culture in Europe and beyond: at a national, regional and local level. It describes in a simple and clear language how artistic and cultural projects can fit with the objectives of several EU funding programmes other than Creative Europe.  


Beyond Curiosity and Desire: Towards Fairer International Collaborations in the Arts IETM

This Toolkit examines how historical links between countries, different political contexts, technical infrastructure and skills, freedom to travel, living and working conditions, aesthetics, traditions, and of course financial resources, can influence expectations and engagement when it comes to international and intercultural activities.  


Life off-stage. Survival guide for creative arts professionals IETM

There is a wealth of resources available, both online and offline, to inform, advise and support artists and cultural professionals on how to pursue their careers without neglecting their role as individuals, parents, partners and citizens, and on how to reflect on their (artistic) values. Harder to find, though, is one’s path among all those resources. For this reason, we have joined forces with FIA and UNI MEI to enlist questions most frequently asked by professionals in the sector and gathered comprehensive replies in an accessible language, based on sound theoretical knowledge combined with practical experience of the field.  


Creative Europe Monitoring Report 2018

This Report illustrates the achievements of Creative Europe in 2018, in line with its mission to safeguard cultural diversity and strengthen the competitiveness of the cultural and creative sectors, in particular the audiovisual sector.  


Study on the Impact of the EU Prizes for Culture

The purpose of this study is to measure the impact of the Prizes, specifically in terms of their prestige and reach, but also their influence on the sectors in which they operate and the wider social and economic policy imperatives they support.  


2020 Annual Work Programme for the Implementation of the Creative Europe Programme