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This area of the Training and Development department aims to find methods of intervention that strengthen a direct relationship between performers and European funds. It strives to inform and contribute towards the dissemination of these funds as well as the building of closer relationships with performers. The methodology conceived is developed around four specific points:


Organization of activities that allow for a continuous flow of information about funding calendars and specific announcements;


Development and updating of tools that facilitate access to programmes, research about partners and the development of projects;


Feasibility of a system for information consulting, dedicated advising and guidance, in order to improve the use of opportunities created by the available funds.


Activities to improve the understanding and relationship with funding entities and State bodies that allow for the pursuit of the objectives defined in the programmes.

To this end, the GDA Foundation will now make available on its website a new menu dedicated to the European Funds, where artists can find information compiled by technicians specialized in this area, including the possibility of scheduling personalized consultations.