Copyrights and Related Rights Code and Complementary Legislation

Fulfilling one of its main orientations, under the purview of raising awareness about the rights that rule artistic activity, the GDA Foundation published a version of the “Copyrights and Related Rights Code and Complementary Legislation”. A publication organised and guided by Lucas Serra, one of the foremost specialists on this matter, with a vast career that includes the presidency of the Association for the Management of Private Copying (AGECOP) for seven years, as well as having also been the author of the “Copyrights and Related Rights Code” for East Timor.

This compilation includes fundamental laws that have since been published: the new Law of Private Copying (Law 49/2015), and, for example, the transposition of the European directive concerning the permitted use of orphan works (Law 32/2015), or the new Law that

Certain of the importance of this instrument for authors and artists (artistic community in general), supervisory entities (police), legal professions (magistrates and lawyers) and law schools (teachers and students).

Potential interested parties may request the GDA Foundation to deliver a copy of the work, by sending an e-mail to substantiate their request to Requests will be fulfilled according to their reasoning and existing availability.