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Over the last ten years the GDA and the GDA Foundation have been developing a continuous activity of supporting the publication of new audio works, through the promotion of applications for support for Audio Works by Featured Performers, the Young Musicians Award and other periodic support initiatives that have consistently contributed towards the stimulation of the Portuguese musical universe.

The evaluation of the activity developed, which led to the creation of dozens of works by a vast and significant number of national performers and groups, results in the materialization of the Catalogue of Audio Works project; a compilation of audio works supported by the GDA and the GDA Foundation.

The aim of this process involving research, data collection, cataloguing, listing, contextualization, editorial work and public dissemination, is above all to provide a service to performers, who are the ultimate basis of the mission of the GDA Foundation. Furthermore, it aims to create a historical archive and a tool with pedagogical, academic and research purposes for those who study these subjects. As such, the catalogue will be consistently updated as new works are created and published.

The coordination of this project was handed over to the musical journalist and consultant Nuno Galopim, whose widely recognized abilities guarantee the necessary rigor required for an endeavour of this nature.

The Catalogue is available online, through the GDA Foundation website, presenting the following information about the supported works and performers:

Official biography and photo (when provided by the performers/groups)
Title of the work
Year of release
Record Label
Album Cover
Year and scope of attributed support
This information will be progressively supplemented, namely with the inclusion of all official photographs of the artists and their respective biographies, as well as editorial content and samples of the phonograms.

To illustrate the launch of this catalogue, an “illustrative sample” of 20 phonograms was included and presented, exemplifying the series of supported phonographic publications. A “sample” that aims to underline the diversity of musical styles, level of prominence and the specific moment in the careers of the performers involved in the support initiatives.