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It is important for there to exist an editorial process headed by the Foundation, with the ability to annually promote the publication of distinguished works of public interest for the community of Portuguese performers. On a broad scale, this importance can be understood as an indispensable factor for the public perception of the activities developed by the GDA and the Foundation to benefit Portuguese society.

Indeed, the comparing of data and fixation of information produced or collected through the actions developed constitute a unique patrimony in which, through recorded memory, the history and identity of the mission that we develop is produced and the vectors for the transformation of the future are identified.

However, this task does not exhaust the possibilities of action of this sector, considering that apart from being exclusively dedicated to the publication of more relevant content that provides public access to the actions developed, the editorial dimension can also represent a trigger for reflexion on contemporary challenges, stimulate new thought and instruments of action and stand as a standard of credibility and intellectual prestige for performers.

Here, it is appropriate to promote editions of varying natures, some prompted by the initiatives themselves, and others that result from the interests and strategic orientations that are essential to the work of the GDA and the Foundation, as is the case of eventual publications concerning aspects of a legal nature that are supported by their broad public use.