Performing Arts Management and Production Course

The GDA Foundation promotes the Performing Arts Management and Production course, intended for featured performers whose work mirrors an operative and pragmatic perspective of this field, allowing for the development of concrete skills for the self-production of artistic projects.

This course aims to respond to the changes that have occurred in the cultural sector, specifically regarding its public funding, which have been catalysing forces for a diversification in methods of artistic creation, production and distribution. If, on the one hand, the performer must become increasingly able to dialogue with multiple forms of creation, media and unconventional spaces, on the other, forms of artistic production have also become increasingly diverse.

The emergence of small independent production structures has created a context where creators have the opportunity to develop their work without having to depend on larger entities, which are often lacking in agility when it comes to the materialization of unconventional creative projects. Meanwhile, there is an element missing in most of the education and training of performers: an introduction to the mechanisms, techniques and tools of self-production, which are fundamental for the ability of actors, musicians and dancers to develop their work as creators and performers.

In order to facilitate participation in this training activity, the GDA Foundation guarantees the main part of its costs, making its fees extremely accessible.