Training Activities

The GDA Foundation understands the relevance of developing complementary training activities which, directed towards artists-performers, equip them to take on a pragmatic and proactive attitude towards the challenges faced within the Performing Arts.

The work of the Foundation in this area is articulated through training activities and actions, stemming from its own initiative as well as partnerships with other entities, encompassing areas where important shortfalls have been identified regarding the existing offer, or in which that offer is scarce and/or difficult to access.

In general, these actions have been conceived to increase the ability of performers to respond to the growing challenges resulting from alterations in traditional forms of artistic creation and production, which increasingly demand an expansion in production capacity and autonomous creation, with a corresponding increase in the need to amplify knowledge and diversification in relevant areas of action. As such, a set of short-term modules have been developed, directed mostly towards the exercise of practical and actionable elements of management and production in the performing arts, for both structures and individuals.