Lisbon Casa Pia

The results of the support granted to the artistic training activities integrated into the educational project of this institution have proved to be of vital importance for the development of three of its projects: the Banda Juvenil (Junior Band), the Grupo de Gaita de Foles (Bagpipe Group) and the Grupo de Percussão (Percussion Group), which make up the “Grupos de Expressão / Representação” (Expression / Performance Groups”) of the Lisbon Casa Pia.

Considering the impact, importance and results that have become evident, the GDA Foundation’s contribution guarantees the financial reinforcement of the number of weekly training hours and group rehearsals, over a period of one year (ten months), the acquisition of materials for the maintenance of musical instruments, the production of master-classes for the students and exchanges with entities that promote activities of the same nature and that have a relevant musical repertoire.