Dissemination and Awareness Activities

Copyrights and Related Rights
Rights and Protection of Featured Performers

In line with its mission to increase the value and dignity of the work and careers of performers – actors, dancers and musicians – as well as their development on a human, cultural and social level, the GDA Foundation is promoting free awareness and dissemination activities about Copyrights and Related Rights.

This initiative seeks to provide answers to the multiple requests presented to the GDA and GDA Foundation by cultural and legal agents. It also aims to meet the needs and increase in interest of undergraduate art schools. In this context, the creation of this initiative represents an opportunity for the transmission of knowledge about the legislation that regulates the rights of artistic work. These activities explore and debate the fundamental issues of this legal universe in a simple and accessible way that means to deconstruct the inherent complexity of these subjects.

To this purpose, the GDA Foundation has already established partnerships with various entities for the organization of these types of session, highlighting the protocol formed in 2018 with the Ordem dos Advogados and the current collaboration with the Direcções Regionias de Cultura throughout the entire country.

The activity is oriented by specialised legal instructors from the field of Copyrights and Related Rights.

All requests for sessions will be analysed by the GDA Foundation, which will then confirm their success at a later date.