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The challenges of training and development through the promotion of education, study, research, and debate around the main themes and priorities for the evolution of the performing arts and their respective performers in Portugal demand a multifaceted and networked intervention that multiplies opportunities, promotes synergies and takes advantage of all available resources.

The Foundation’s intervention in this area promotes programmes and initiatives, both directly or in cooperation with other entities, that stimulate the development of training, specialization and the progress of the work of actors, dancers and musicians, who represent a significant part of the Portuguese economy.

Investment in this area is expressed by the granting of scholarships, through annual applications or protocols created for this effect with GDA Foundation partners. This investment is also accomplished in the context of development, favouring training, reflection and debate about themes that are fundamental to this sector, including the organization of courses, access to training and the organization of studies, seminars, conferences, meetings and specialized editions.



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