GDA Foundation

The mission of the GDA Foundation is to honour and dignify the work and careers of performers – actors, dancers and musicians – and to support their human, cultural and social development.

This mission is accomplished through a number of programmes and initiatives that focus on cultural action, social action, institutional action and training. Its main objective is the promotion of cultural participation and diversity, the creation of a social support network and the protection and dissemination of performers’ rights, thus contributing towards the development of Portugal’s cultural economy and creative sector.

The GDA Foundation is a non-governmental entity governed by private law, based in Lisbon. It was created by GDA – Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas (Performers’ Rights Management), a non-profit collective management organization created by and for performers, featured and non-featured, including actors, dancers and musicians. In addition to the management of performers’ rights, GDA is also committed to contributing towards the greater dissemination and affirmation of intellectual property rights, both among performers and the general public opinion.