Historical Programme



With the creation of the Historical Programme, the GDA Foundation aims to pay homage to featured and non-featured performers with longer careers who, through their work, have greatly contributed towards the recognition and affirmation of performer’s rights, as well as the appreciation of their respective careers.

The Historical Programme attributes a monetary value to actors and musicians over the age of 65, and dancers over 45, who have a repertoire declared with the GDA. This programme intends to preserve historical memory through the acquisition of photographic and audio-visual records of past works, so that these records may be consulted and enjoyed in posterity. In other words, it represents the creation of a repository that will be available to anyone who wishes to study the national artistic panorama, making available material that will serve as an aid in the production of systematized and useful knowledge. It, therefore, represents the preservation of the memory of yesterday’s performers.

At the same time, the Historical Programme will function as an incentive for performers with unregistered past works to proceed with the registration of their repertoire. For this reason, to participate in this programme, the interested performer must have at least one copyright protected artistic performance, and that performance will need to have been recorded/fixed at least ten years ago.

Application phase

The application phase ended on 31 December 2019.